What was the point of the zwiftpower update?

No gains or results for over a week? This is where a lot of your consumers find value in the product being offered. If it’s not reliable then people will go elsewhere.

Instead of thinking of this as being like a store closing for refurbishment, think of it as being like when your electricity provider turns off the power to do essential maintenance to stop brownouts and keep the lights on in the long-term.

It could simply have been taken down temporarily to move it to more stable servers to cope with the upcoming “Zwift winter rush” - in fact, earlier in the year Zwift did say they were going to move it from its existing servers to AWS servers.

I expect, as an externally-built system, it was probably never built to cope with the numbers of people now using it and that there are many challenges in keeping ZP’s lights on.

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It’s still not really coping with ZRL tonight. Though that’s not exactly a massive surprise.

I expect - or hope - they’re laying the foundations now to cope with Peak Zwift 2021, so give it a couple of months and then see how they’re doing.
I had to wait 48 hours for a race result back in May so I’m glad they’re doing something now to hopefully improve things in the long run.

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Here’s the story: ZwiftPower update [November 2020]