ZwiftPower Update Issues with "LIVE" 16th November

No ZwiftPower LIVE on events after the update (even when LIVE is enabled). This is one of the most crucial functions of ZwiftPower I use as an event/race organiser. Please advise when it will be working again.

Judging by the response about the racing points… probably never :frowning:

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yes time. live tab is very Important. hope they will fixe it…

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On the forum entry about the “ZwiftPower Planned Outage November 16 2020” Shuji says issues should be reported there, but I do not think it is a thread that we can reply to… :frowning:


Yes, lol, I saw that, hence the new thread here.


It’s all related IMO. If there’s no database of riders to look up, none of the other calculations or comparisons will work. The rider database doesn’t return anything, so there’s nothing to compare against.

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Literally no change after the update. So frustrating


ZHQ update breaks ZwiftPower

ZP taken offline for maintenance

ZP worse than before

ZHQ silent on this and other ZP problems, and the myriad of other issues raised to which they don’t reply.

As an organiser, this year I’ve had to cancel charity events, postpone or cancel several leagues, had events disappear off the schedule for several weeks, and left events running on the same course every week because of their woeful event management app.

ZHQ needs a management shakeup to prioritise and better address ongoing problems.


Some transparency from Zwift would be nice. Is there an ETA for this fix?

We’re aware and working on this issue as well as a couple others.


Appreciate the reply Shuji. I’m stuck running my events without LIVE tbh.

EDIT:- LIVE now appears to be working for a few events (like the ZHQ race), but not others (even if they have LIVE enabled).

The live data issue has been identified, and we’re starting to see live data on race events.

We’ll continue to monitor closely while we address other issues related to the ZwifPower server migration.


Thanks Shuji. That’s what I’m seeing I guess. I still need to be able to “Enable” LIVE on some group rides that have race components at the end of the ride. I’ve always been able to do this manually before.
Can you confirm that this will still be the case please?

Any updates on the zwift power race rankings issue? Racers have not seen race racking points in their results since November 10th. We’re hoping that this issue is fixed soon and that the fix is retroactive to November 10th.


Any updates?


I’m closing this thread because the live data issue is resolved.

Please join us on the November update thread to discuss other matters.