ZwiftPower Live Tab not working during race

When I go in a current active race and I click the live tab, I pretty much always have the message “No riders found” There is no data showing up.

When the race is completed, it will either show up all the times with the finished label or still the no riders found message.

I don’t know why it’s not showing live data for the race.


Just to confirm, I selected a race that started at the current time and left the live tab opened. It auto-refreshed every 30 seconds. It always showed No Riders Found. Once the race has ended, all the riders appeared, with all the data and the mention FINISHED…

I looked at the developper tool and it gets the live data from a URL. And this URL returns a 403 error with the code: <Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>QWXRD7TBR8846VBG</RequestId><HostId>1cHTi2+C8nByarFhJyhqzDmltDOMW7fppodHEvjAx97wZtazTPbt7kqf6mOIw09ryIemWIBGpek=</HostId></Error>

After the race, the data is available…

Hey Steven …its a known problem on Zwift’s list of things to fix (until they lose the Post-it note and we have to remind them again that its still broken). Its been this way since they moved the servers last November.

Its also not totally broken - it works correctly in some races some of the time (a 3R event on now is working for me) but other events dont. And sometimes when they work at the start of a race, they stop working part way through.

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Thanks for the reply. I sent them an email also, to remind them to do it lol! Another post-it I guess :wink:

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