ZP on Zwiftpower Running event

Not sure if this is the right sub to post.
Ran First stage Tour of Watopia earlier today. After checking the results on Zwiftpower I noticed I got “ZP” instead of usual results. I had a HR and footpod data showing / uploaded to Zwift as usual
Zwift event id is 3552729

Any chance someone can look at the data and at least let me know why?
Thank you kindly

It’s basically because ZwiftPower isn’t made for running events.

ZP means that you weren’t using a smart trainer / powermeter.


It appears, to me, that ZwiftPower is assigning a ZP code to only those who finish in the first three on ZwiftPower if they don’t have ‘power’ as the Type⚡️.

Edit: Possibly?

No ZPower winners On ToW run and ZP code assigned

5min and 20min ZADA limits apply On ZA Run Finish Line Race and No ZP code assigned

Indeed, I was 2nd in that run. The guy in front did not get flagged, nor did the one behind.
I have logged 100s of runs and rides on Zwift since late 2017 and while I did get an occasional UPG on rides and I understand the logic behind it, I’ve never gotten a ZP on a run before.
Just wondering what did I do to trigger it since clearly there is no powermeter data in running

thank you

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Contact the support team and they can remove it for you.


Those are default settings (I believe) for all events that don’t have their own rulesets.

I’m not sure how the events are set up but Tour De Zwift 2023 and Tour of Watopia 2022 run events look like they were set up differently than this years Tour of Watopia. On both previous events there was no filtering based on ZP whereas there is on the current ToW 2023.

I wonder if a change can ‘easily’ be made to future ToW run events this might prevent up to 3 people being filtered out on a ZP code for each run over the coming 4 weeks?

I appreciate this might possibly be a lot of work for somebody to change the set up, if that in fact is what is required?

I’ve created a new rule which may help but also may not because the events have already been built.


I hadn’t noticed this till todays run in TOW and hadn’t saved it which caused me to go looking ZP. Over the 4 weeks I finished 3rd, 1st, 2nd and 3rd and only today discovered I was excluded from the podium in each event. I’m not that bothered about not counting for the podium, I’d just like to have seen me automatically included in the overall standings but still flagged as perhaps being achieved with less than accurate data (Zwift Runpod). Still enjoy myself though but need some more badges in other worlds please!

If you click on unfiltered at the top, it will show you the results without any disqualifications.

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