Zp on Zwift power site running event

I did a event using a footpod and give me a zp on the running event events.php?zid=3097667

I do I get this change?

well that’s weird, I have no knowledge of how zwiftpower deal with running so might best to reach out to the organiser to add you back in.

Possibly try their discord Discord

Had the same thing yesterday. Very strange.

Three of us flagged while others weren’t? I’ve tried to contact the organisers on their fb group but nil response.

@James_Zwift sorry to bug you - do you have a equivalent that helps with running?

Zwiftpower isn’t really designed for running.

I’ve removed the filtering on that event.

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Can you please do same for this event - zwiftpower com/events.php?zid=3097667

Thank you

Yep, done.

Thank you :blush:

Zwiftpower does have a filter for “Run”, would it be possible to disable “ZP” flagging for All run events? A bunch of us did one of the Pretzelfest run events and only 1 person listed in results, all the rest were filtered as “ZP”. Event: zwiftpower dot com/events.php?zid=3150019

I’ve been getting filtered out of the Pretzelfest running event results because of “ZP” as well.

I think I’ve fixed all the Pretzelfest events that have taken part so far, but ZP really isn’t designed for running events.

Also, any event with the name Zwift in its title will automatically DQ for HRM and ZPower.

It isn’t as simple as using the run filter - that has no bearing on the rule set for events.

Same here. ZP on the Pretzelfest stage 2 yesterday

All Pretzel events are flagging almost 95% of participants with a ZP. Usually I’m sending a mail to Zwift support. Is it better to write here?

All mine have been corrected in between though :slight_smile:

Hi James,

just did the Pretzel Stage 3 Event, and also a ZP for almost everyone. Could you edit the event? :slight_smile: Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:


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Same james all but 2 zp today

Yeah thats to be expected.

Ill fix them next week.

Thanks James! I guess all events will do that…

I think I have these all sorted now.

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Thanks! On my side all good :slight_smile:

Still The same problem with zp today