ZwiftPower Results everybody is DQd in running

Hello Team!

Since 3 days in a row, all my runs results are getting a ZP disqualification, and almost everybody else too. Why is this happening?
There has been on my side no changes whatsoever in my setup: using Garmin PRO HR Belt and Stryd. Always worked perfectly fine but suddenly everything is DQd.

Running June 12th: perfectly fine: zid=2126170
Running June 13th: ZP… zid=2130014 Only 1 out of 6 got a positive result
Running June 14th: ZP… zid=2138109 Only 1 got a positive result out of 15! Everybody else ZP
Running June 15th: ZP… zid=2137995 This time 4 out of 20 got a positive result, all the others ZP.

I’m not allowed to put links in the post so I have put the id of the events, in order to find them on ZwiftPower website.

What is happening here? I am running with this configuration for months now everything was fine, same than for several other people (Wanda Archer, Pete Sangster, etc) always having positive results but now everyone is DQd…

Can you please solve these issues and get our results back?
Thanks in advance…

Hi @Ludovic_Jost_CLS_ZLD

It look like the events was setup like a Bicycle race. :frowning:

The organizer has set the option to not allow Zpower in the results. This seem wrong in a running race because very few people use running power meters.


Please send a E-mail to with all this info, you can link this post in your email.

Hi Gerrie,

2 of the 3 events are Zwift official events, from the Zwift Running Festival, the other one is a weekly event from British Triathlon, in which I ran twice in total: 1 was good, the week after got ZP.

Weird that it would be wrongly setup from Zwift itself…

I will send an email like you say and link the post and the events also.

Thanks for your advice, hoepfully there will be a solution…

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UPG/UPGRADE/WKG: rider has gone over category limits and must upgrade to the next category for the next race. HR: rider has been removed from results for failing to wear a heart rate monitor. ZP: rider has been removed from results for not using a smart trainer or powermeter.

You do realize he is talking about running and not biking.

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Indeed it’s running, not biking… :wink:

I got an answer from the Support team to my email, they recalculated my own results so now it’s showing good for my runs, but the other people in the events are still DQd…

I will try other events and see if it’s working again or not… I will post again here.