ZwiftPower DQ entire Group Runs and Races

I haven’t used the forums before, so I am not sure what info I need to put in, so here I go. I have had 2 Group runs from the ToW and 2 Yumezi Races dqd (had HRM and used a bluetooth treadmill no problems during the runs.). Just about everyone else from the runs was also removed except maybe 1 or 2 people out of up to 20!

How would I go about reporting these issues? I don’t really see a link for that on ZwiftPower.

Thank you,

Here is the run info:

Event ID 2836588
Group ID 3392234
Zwift ID 3350089
Event ID 2836558
Group ID 3392175
Zwift ID 3350089
Event ID 2848117
Group ID 3405835
Zwift ID 3350089
Event ID 2848108
Group ID 3405827
Zwift ID 3350089

Even though ZwiftPower still doesn’t like the Zwift Run Festival events, here is another one that is not coming out correctly.

Event ID 2848378
Group ID 3406560
Zwift ID 3350089