Tour de Zwift stage 6

Again it has happened, zwift crashed with 3km to go. This has happened for me on 2 stages now. Anybody else that is having the same problem with Tour de Zwift? I never have this problem in any otver races or rides.

I have finished 6C twice,. It did not record it as a tour ride…


I don’t know what device you are using to run Zwift but is it possible you have some overheating problem? Just a first thought based on basically no information.

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Nope, it is not due to overheating.
I have nonproblem whatsoever in other events.

I have a laptop with 16gb ram Intel I7 and Geforce graphics.

For me it seems like it crashes in the end of the ride. I was thinking that many people are passing the finishing line and saving their activity. Servers get too busy and this causes the crash.

Here the same… Twice with the TDZ stage 6 running :roll_eyes:

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I had this problem yesterday with TdZ Stage 6: Longer Ride. I finished the stage, coasted to a stop, hit save, but nothing got uploaded to Zwift.

I was able to retrieve the .fit file from my computer, and upload that to Strava. The file was fine (no corruption), so the actual ride data was recorded correctly. The Zwift companion app showed the activity as ‘in progress’ for several hours after I finished the ride. It eventually ended the ‘in progress’ activity, but stopped it 7km short of the actual length. I don’t recall any connectivity issues during the ride, and completed the entire stage with the same group of 12-15 riders.

So I’ve now got a valid ride on Strava, a partial ride on Zwift, and no credit in Zwift for TdZ Stage 6. Given the experiences of others in this thread, I’m reluctant to try TdZ Stage 6 a second time in case the issue occurs again.

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I got the same problem today with the TDZ stage 6 longer ride !!
Cross the finish line and got the data screen with my averge FTP and time…
But in Zwift app im STILL missing stage 6 ?!?!?!
WTF is this Zwift ?? Zwift is a BETA software ??
PLZ fix my issue ZWIFT !!! if NO fix IM fffff out of TDZ 2021…
Zwift Beta 2021 :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Same problem here, I finished the stage 6 and after waiting for more than an hour it’s shows up as a regular ride and I cannot even check it I mean on companion I see the ride but if I press it the only thing I can do is to leave a comment.
On my garmin account doesn’t say anything about the ride at all.

But the funny thing is that when I finished the stage I got an email from zwift like always saying ok man you did it.

I’m not into doing that stage again. I’m sorry

I too attempted this stage twice today. The first time was my mistake having not registered first. I’m a newbie. The second though, the app crashed during the save. When I restarted, it continued the save but not as TDZ. So disappointing! :frowning:

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Buongiorno, mi chiamo Mauro Mariotti ieri sera ore 18 Italiane ho partecipato allo stage 6 di TDZ. i risultati sono presenti su Zwift Power ed ho ricevuto mail di avvenuto completamento ma non mi è conteggiato nel gioco come eseguto .
Cosa posso fare? Devo ripeterlo nei recuperi o qualcuno può intervenire per eliminare il bug? Su companion viene indicata come normale pedalata in Francia.
Grazie buona giornata

I got the same problem you had, so I send the current situation and email which proves the completion of stage 6 as an evidence to Zwift support team in Japan.
They told me that no record of saving data and logout history can be confirmed from the log, but they promised to recover the completion status of TDF stage 6.

After some emails with them, they sent me a link saying it’s a common issue and they gonna try to fix my non ride of the stage but it’s manually so could take a while.

Even tho, they have sent me a link about that issue that’s being reported and they encourage you to repeat the stage but in a different group.

Tbh that didn’t really help me, I don’t want to do the stage 6 again in a different group, I have my details on zwiftpower as I did the stage so hopefully someone credit my ride.

Same happened to me both stage 6 & 7. Both rides were recorded as Watopia and did not get the credit for both yet they do appear correctly in zwift power.

I hope they fix it for us…

Happened to me as well. Finished Stage 6, got the email that I completed Stage 6, but it’s not showing as completed on the Tour de Zwift page, Companion App etc.

Hello all,

Finally Zwift support team fixed the status for stage 6 for me.
I’ve already told them this topic “Tour de Zwift stage 6” and they replied following;

"We are aware of an issue where certain members are not receiving credit for Stage 6 after completing it. Our team is investigating this issue, and in the meantime, we went ahead and credited your stage. "

If you still has the same issue, it’s better to ask support team directly.

By the way, Stage 7 was recorded without any problem.

Here happened the same, I mean first day I sent an email and they were not really getting that I did a stage and was not recorded they thought I couldn’t finish the stage for some disconnect problems or whatever, after that I rephrased my email and they said oh ok we are aware of that but we suggest you to repeat the stage but in a different group because could take a while until someone, manually, credit your race.

Finally, today, I got an email saying that they credit it for me. On the companion app still being as a regular ride, I cannot check details at all of that ride but they credit it for me so that’s good.

Thanks Zwift.