Game glitching and unusable

Joined the game tonight from UK at 18:30 GMT and screen jumping, bikes with no riders and progress not being picked up. I did see a chat saying game was glitchy, is this being reported?
Cycled 9km and game only showed 5.2km, couldn’t even close the software.

Hi same here, in the UK, glitching all over, at one point only bikes visible no riders, timings and distances all over the place. I also had trouble closing had to end the task to close it

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Are you two on the latest update?

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Yes, completed update before the session. Give up after 25 mins, restarted software twice and no improvement.

You could try reinstalling Zwift to see if that helps.

I had the same problem in Switzerland, I was not sure if it was my internet connection, my mac which has updated to Big Sur, or Zwift. seems it was more likely Zwift.

I had the same problems here in Belgium.
couldn’t go back to the game itself after pairing back the bike.

Same issue here in UK. Running on a 2012 macbook air but never had a problem before and used heavily over the past few years. Installed the new updated yesterday and jumped in to do one of the ‘Build me up’ workout series.

Every 5 seconds the game would freeze for a second or two then leap forwards to where i would have been. Incredibly annoying and almost made it unuseable, it also seems to have cut the frozen time from the workout so over the course of an hour I lost nearly 5 minutes of effort.

I have a video of the issue if it helps? Any news from zwift on this?

Glad to know this was a local problem with my equipment, reinstalled the software on laptop and seamless this morning. Could have been a technical issues or server problem, would be interested to know the fix Zwift took to resolve issue.

I had very stuttery graphics on my ride yesterday after the update, not as bad as reported here but not as smooth as previously

Additional issue, save and exit button would not work.

Ride was not shared to Garmin or Strava.

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Similar issue in US last night between 7:30 and 8:30 PST. In both cases frames would stutter/freeze and when the game resumed, avatar wouldn’t be pedaling. First instance in France portion with final freeze forcing saved exit. Second in Watopia, with hard freeze followed by crash before I could dismount bike.

Prior to beginning rides, Zwift ran an auto update. W10P build 19041. I don’t see any mention of this as a known problem further down the forum and the support section claims everything operating normally. Sure hope I don’t encounter the same issues tonight.

Would be nice and reassuring if Zwift staff would monitor and comment on such issues. This (lack of monitoring) is a recurring complaint that I’ve noticed as a relatively new member. Transparency rocks and is a rapid path to forgiveness. Let us know that something is wrong and at least we don’t have to dip into our limited pool of time to fix something we cannot fix.

Enough said.


It is always good to restart your Pc after a Update.

the fact that they don’t reply doesn’t mean they don’t monitor.
You will be surprised if you can see how many posts has been read by the staff.
The member that read the most posts did over 33,000 posts in the last year.

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Had this again today, was ok for some of the ride but really stuttered in places, it seemed worst when there was large grassy areas with plants and flowers. most notable going up the ventoux kom.

Stutter really poor on my ride tonight, both in event (race, France) and outside of it. This was despite frame rates being what I would consider normal for Zwift in said circumstances on my system (2300X, GTX 1660).

It was busier than this earlier in the year but performance wasn’t this bad. Whether it’s whatever they did in that scheduled maintenance a few weeks back, or the new update, something isn’t right. People running windowed mode are getting even worse results, being somehow pegged at low frame rates. Reports of crashing and disappearing riders all over the place.

I expect Zwift would dearly love for everyone to migrate onto a crappy little fruit box but guess what, not everyone is content with Fisher Price visuals at 30fps or less.

How about performance actually IMPROVES on decent hardware for once? Show some willing, instead of this constant race to the bottom.


Had the issue riding in Paris last evening UK time. Game would not save via laptop, managed to save via companion app which at the same time was disconnecting from the game. Tonight raced the Masters SA in Paris, race fine but as soon as I crossed the line up came the issue again, freezing, companion app disconnecting, could not save via laptop and the companion app would not connect long enough to save either. Ended up importing the fit file to strava after finding the “in progress” file.
Getting very frustrating…

+1 for awful performance and framerate. I’ve been trying to squeeze what I can out of my laptop since yesterday by checking and tweaking stuff. Tonight when I went in to change kit ready for tomorrow’s ride, I was on around 2-3fps and riderless bikes…I’ve been surviving on around 8fps the last 2 days which has been just about acceptable, but this is awful.

I also am a relatively new member and can’t believe there’s no acknowledgement from Zwift that too many of us are having this issue since the update. A bit of feedback eh guys if you’re listening - we’re paying for this!

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There seem always to be more problems after an update. I had no issues yesterday (Petit Boucle, 76 km) - but saw many riders going crazy.
Could the reason be they did not update yet?

So in my case, I have discovered that the issue is not with Zwift, but in fact with my trainer. So I owe the Zwift team an apology for accusing them of malfeasance when in fact I hadn’t dug deep enough. I’m very sorry and I already am suffering from withdrawal - I miss my workout (two days ruined thus far) and I have no idea what to do to fix the problem.

Specifically, my barely two month old Tacx Neo 2T has decided it will only intermittently use bluetooth for communication purposes. The onset was very sudden and I’ve been unable to fix it so far. I’ll start a new thread to see if anyone has some ideas.

Thanksgiving ride sounds like it was a barrel of laughs.