More pace partners instead of 2X same PP with dynamic crap


Why is there not more pace partner at different W/Kg instead of 2x the same PP at the same W/Kg ?

Jump to next level PP is very high with 0,4 W/Kg or more, and not even taking account of the fact that the PP change its pace during the ride which make it even more difficult. How is it even called “pace” partner lol if it change its pace, what a joke. It’s supposed to be pace partner, not a group ride ! Not even mentionning the bug from two months ago is still not fixed about the drops.

I used PP to do zone 2 less boring, but what is the popint of PP if they change their pace lol. I am maybe better watching Netflix to do zone 2 than paying Zwift for nothing now maybe… Better than riding alone hours and hours.

They’re not called Pace Partners now. Robo Partners.

The reason there are two of each is so users have a choice of routes.

I guess you missed the extensive testing and tweaking that too place over the course of a few months? Quite possible if you’ve had a long break from Zwift over the Summer?

Dude, you missed it’s called Robopacers, not Robo Partners ?

Stop being condescendant, would you ? Your answer give nothing to my question. Who cares about lots of route if the pace is not a pace, and the w/kg don’t suit people correctly.

II use them for my Z2 rides as well, I find that the changes in pace work out ok if the group is big enough and you’re able to use group to drift a little. It’s a bit harder when the groups are small as is usually the case with the A Robopacers. I like having two choices in routes too, usually one of them is on a hillier route which tends to drive the average watts up compared to a flat course. I can comfortably Z2 on tempus Fugit behind the Pacer but as soon as they go up the volcano climb you have to pretty much match the pacer’s w/k.

if ur not increasing power on the climbs then are you a real cyclist? ;D
you want a zone 2 ride → create a workout, seems to be the current consensus.


You think the jumps between PPs are big now? The gaps used to be more than twice as big.

What Zwift should do is bump the W/kg by ~0.2 in Makuri. So in Watopia you would, for example, have 1.8, 2.2, 2.6 and in Makuri you would have 2.0, 2.4, 2.8.



Hum, that’s exactly what I said, increase the number of pace partners by w/kg.

Do you know what is a “pace” Mr real cyclist ?
And who want to attack climb, just to almost stop pedaling on descent lol. If that’s real cyclist, let me laugh. If I keep pedaling after any little climb with pace partner, the pace partner is left way behind and lost on the descent.

As mentioned previously a long time ago – google ‘define pace’ and see what you get back. Pace has to do with speed, not watts. Whether it’s mph, kph, or for runners x-minute miles. Harder uphills and easier downhills (dynamic crap) makes such a ‘pace’ defined correctly, less erratic from a speed standpoint.

Are you out of your mind ? Of course, in reality it’s about speed, but are you mad to say it’s about speed here ? The speed change so much in downhill compare to uphill, how can you even say its about speed here ? It can change from 8 km/h to 50km/h+for exemple lol. It’s obvious that HERE it’s about W/KG, not speed.


I’m bummed out that robopacers no longer hold a steady w/kg too
But that’s how it is now and most seem to welcome the change

I just find events/group rides where I can hold steady power if you want company/draft

being rude in the forums probably wont get you anywhere other than dismissed


I just answer to people who provoque and are themselves being rude first by being condescendant or taliing about things not related or not true…
Only one people have come with a real answer/solution. Mr “real Cyclist” and others like Tom are just there to provoque.
For event and group ride at pace, there are none when I have time to ride from Europe. And I don’t see myself doing lot and lots of zone 2 ride alone in Zwift. What’s the point of Zwift then ? Is it just about short race and weird training programs ?

I didn’t read any condescension in that initial response. Sometimes people make things sound simple in an attempt to be clear…
As far as the RoboPacers go… I think they work really well, you just have to adapt how you use them a little.
If you want a good steady pace there are a couple ways to do that. Join the robo pacer just below the the pace you’re looking for, then settle into your Z2 pace. if you get it right you should be churning from the front to the back without changing your effort too much. You can further tune that with bike and wheel choice. If you find the group is slightly too slow, switch to a gravel bike, or too fast, go with a full aero setup.
It takes a little tweaking but you’ll get somewhere pretty close.

Yeah it’s a start, thanks. I didn’t thought using a gravel bike.
I still think it needs more options like 0.2 incréments talked above, splitted between maps.
As I see other people on reddit just don’t use zwift and watch videos. I don’t race so maybe zwift is not for me.

For a smaller difference than a gravel bike, you can also use the Zwift steel bike with classic wheels.

I agree that pace partner groups are much more enjoyable than doing steady paced rides alone. I preferred the static pace partners, but I still use 3 of them since dynamic pacing was introduced, especially when they are on flat routes where dynamic pacing doesn’t have much effect. I definitely prefer that to watching Netflix, and I haven’t seen any Zwift alternatives that work for me. Zwift features often cater to riders’ desires that I don’t share, but I just have to accept that I’m not always with the majority.

The problem comes when you read tone into people’s text responses on a website. There was nothing I saw as condescending about that initial response either, and so your decision to respond in the manner you did–escalating the situation–was from my perspective the first hostility. Someone else responded to try to help you, and you attacked them.

Then someone responded–on your side on this issue, to be clear–with a sarcastic comment, winking emoji included, about ‘real cyclists’, and you missed the emoji/sarcasm and responded with further abuse. Someone else responded with an answer you did not think fit your question, and you responded with abuse towards that person too–simply because you didn’t think their post answered your question.

So you responded with abuse towards three separate people–one for answering your question and asking you a question in return, one for posting sarcasm that you missed (but was clearly indicated), and one for simply not managing to answer your question.

Do you see how your efforts might be more successful if you did not respond with abuse towards everyone you immediately perceive as abusive? Because you incorrectly identified people as abusive three times in this one thread.

In short: you came looking for a fight, and you found three. Maybe don’t look for fights, and you won’t find them.


Keep in mind Zwift has a lot of non-native English speaking users, which may lead to misinterpretation of tone and intent.


Agreed. (Let me add, because I’m not by any means immune to that problem if past experience is a good gauge, that I’d be perfectly willing to consider that my own reading of OP’s posts as abusive was an incorrect reading. But him saying he is responding to people who “are themselves being rude first” to me indicates that he knows that he was being rude in return.)