Disgusted ...Pace Partners

I started a pace partner ride tonight and it was all over the place… i was off the front slowed down then off the back then couldn’t catch up despite riding a steady place. I want to start my winter training. It worked ok last year. My PC is powerful and broadband is good so dont go there. I am absolutely sick of this YOU HAVE HAD LONG ENOUGH TO SORT THIS OUT …it worked ok last year what have you done. SHEESH

Dynamic pacing…

Look it up on the forums, lot’s of discussion about it


Its complete GARBAGE …how can they release this rubbish …its impossible to ride with the pace partner!

It was tested thoroughly over the summer, the vast majority of Zwifters prefer the new dynamic pacing. They won’t be going back to the old ways.


No. It’s really not. The evidence is there–tons of people ride with the pace partners, every day, and manage to stay with them in the bunch. That you weren’t able to do it well the first time is not evidence that it’s impossible. Maybe think about that sort of thing before all-capsing us to death. Not trying to be a jerk, but, come on. Settle down a touch and be civil.


OK how come my ride was so bad? PC is very good as is my broad band. Honestly it a case of being absolutely awful not just something that I dont like so to speak…it was unrideable… Happy to get advice how i can sort it out … PLEASE !

There must be something going on then Tom, OK so I may not be riding at a perfect perfect pace but it was impossible. Happy to admit I might not be spot on but honestly it was terrible… Happy to learn something here. Anything I can check on my PC its all upto date.

By the way … it was ok last night…so I dont get it

Cool. So to start with, as Mike mentioned above, they have changed how PPs work. They now have ‘dynamic pacing’, which means that the bot’s pacing will change somewhat depending on gradient. Apparently a lot of people used to complain about struggling to go slow enough to not drop the bot on climbs, and struggling to go fast enough to keep up with the bots on descents (I’m relatively new so this is all based on what I’ve been reading–someone can step in to correct me about any of this).

What they’ve done is try to make the bots a bit more ‘human’–the bots now put in a bit more effort up climbs (like most people do as well), and they dial it back on descents. So that means that if you keep a completely steady wattage (particularly when drafting gets added), you won’t be sticking with the bot. You’ll be shooting off the front or out the back.

Now it’s a ‘steady’ ride at a slightly wider bandwidth of wattage. And for sure some people don’t like that–there’s a whole thread here about people wanting to get rid of dynamic pacing. So I’m not saying you have to like it :slight_smile:

But part of it might be knowing what to expect. If you’re trying to maintain the perfect pace as you say, that might be the problem, ironically. Staying with the bot is now (imo) more like staying with a human rider IRL. You’ll still be in a general zone of wattage, but your own effort will have to vary a little.


Oh, okay. So that says that maybe there is some other problem. From your first post, I thought this was the first time you’d ridden with a PP since last year. But if there was a change overnight, yeah. That could be a technical issue.

Again, a lot of people are able to ride with the PPs okay, so really dramatic problems may be a tech issue.

Any chance to managed to change to a TT bike since yesterday?

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Did you put your log file in Zwiftalizer.com and check for dropouts.

You can share the Zwiftalizer link if you want us to look.

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Hi Gerrie,

I have just done that and all looks good. It shows TWO Cadence sensors though? Channells 3 & 4. Its a NEO 2T



Thanks for your input - Zwiftalizer shows good connection low fails and 60fps / no dropouts but two cadence sensors?

Her is the link Gerrie

Grateful for any help here I do love zwift but i really need it to just work.

Thank you

It would also be interesting to view your activity, power graph, etc… but you are listed as private on the companion app.

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I would expect that to look a lttle odd too as when i got in front i dropped power as you might expect to try to drop back and vice versa but thanks

That log file does not to bad.

I would think it is just that you need to try the Robo Partner a bit more and get familiar with how they ride.

8 minutes is not must time to get into drafting on Zwift after being away for some time.

I dont know what to say, glad its not my PC and thanks for taking a look. The 8 minutes shows how bad it was Gerrie. This might sound harsh and I don’t mean it in a horrible way but seriously it wasn’t me as it was awful. Its never zwift is it. I know with issues like the fence there are serious problems. That used to jump all over the shop.

On a flatter course it is easier to keep pace with the PP/RP. I’d try that out a few times before attempting the same on a more hilly course. FWIW I do agree that the pacing is all over the place, but that seems to be due to differences in the size and position of the group around the PP/RP. In essence, the more faster riders in the group, the faster the PP/RP goes and the harder it can be to catch up if you fall out of the draft. Personally, I think it’s currently incorrect and that the PP/RP should maintain the pace, adjusted for gradient, regardless of the draft they are in.

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