Intersection between NeoYoko and YouMessy is Messed Up

In riding with the Genie pacer, every time through that section that now has the new intersection to the whatever the new world is called, I was having to push 6.0 w/kg to not get dropped by the bot which was doing 3.4. It’s only in this short section between the 3 areas of Makuri, but it’s every time through, both directions. I noticed other similar chatter from other bot groups.

I rode both of the Stage 3 events today and noticed a similar thing, except that I was on the opposite side of the situation than you. Between the two stages, I went through that intersection four times, and each time I noticed that most of the rest of the riders in my blob suddenly dropped back. In the sidebar I could see that they were putting out way higher w/kg than I was, to try to catch up (e.g., I was doing maybe 3 w/kg and saw folks doing 4.5+). It was so weird, the first time it happened, that I specifically paid attention the subsequent three times, and it definitely does seem to be a bug. Each time, a few others in my blob stuck with me, but most fell back.

Sounds the same as this parallel discussion (with vid at post 33) …