Are Robo Pacers affected by different road surfaces

Rode with Genie today on Wandering Flats route. There’s a brief dirt/gravel section between Neokyo and Yumzei, and I noticed that I had to go full out to stay with her during that section. I was able to catch up with her once we got back to tarmac. I rode with her for two laps, so this happened all four times we passed that section. My theory is that us regular riders on standard road bikes (I was using the Tron) get slowed down on the dirt, but Genie is not affected by the change in road surface. Unfortunately, every time we passed the section, the handful of riders following her got dropped, so it wasn’t the consistent group experience that makes pace partners, er, robo pacers so great. Has anyone else ever experienced this? If my theory is right, the Zwift folks need to make the robo pacers sensitive to changes in road surface like the rest of us.

Plenty of noise in various threads about Pace Partners and that spot … vid uploaded showing ridiculous power of riders trying to keep up for example

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Coco and chums speeding through gravel sections should now be fixed.


What was the cause?

I think I mentioned elsewhere (but no idea in which thread :joy: ) that they needed to have their software updated to understand the new road layouts (specifically the now longer stretch of gravel between Neokyo and Yumezi.


Interesting - my real life job deals with development (I’m sort of managing these things among other stuff) so I’m always interested to know the details, I’m quite technical in my knowledge as well.

And yes, if you deal with 50 things at once, finding a discussion trail or email gets like that. :wink: in two days my email is flooded.

I’m really good at copying and pasting.

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I am not.

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