New route - Accelerate to Elevate

New route - Accelerate to Elevate would be great for robopacer rotation - plenty of flat and also some elevation thrown in to make things interesting.

Also a loop at either end so it works for multiple laps.

It would be a great non repetitive route for all the groups from Coco upwards.

In the current version the Route is not usable as it only support 1 Lap…but they should do v.2 and include roundabouts at each end :slight_smile:


I like this idea, but 1) a significant %age of people will try to join while the RP is doing the loop at the top of the Alpe and 2) an even greater percentage will quit/teleport on the way in when they either reach the jungle or the bottom of the Alpe.

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Oh well, they don’t know what they are missing. It’s fun - like the jungle. :wink: That route has something for everyone, elevation, flat sections, perfect. :slight_smile:

The Alpe would look like a Starbucks in rush hour.

A good robo pacer route for me is one I can join at any time and have a great ride, not one where the starting point makes a huge difference in power needed.

In the case of accelerate to elevate the difference in power would be way too variable for me - if starting anywhere close to the top of the climb there would be 15mins of soft pedaling down the hill as the robo pacer drops their power on the downhill (I’m heavier than the RP), on the flats the pacer would be going the exact wattage I would like, and on the climb it would be much higher when the dynamic pacing kicks in for the hill.

Dropping to a lower pacer would make the flats and descents much worse, so which pacer would be best would be highly variable to where in the route the pacer is.

It would be just way too variable a ride depending on where the starting point is.

I saw someone on the Zwift insider post on the latest release saying robopacer rides are boring so he is riding more of the different routes alone.

It’d be nice to get more varied routes so that it isn’t the same thing every day for a week and change them up for some mountain courses instead of just the flat or rolling flat loops.

I bet they’d maximize the attendance if every robo pacer were on tempus fugit every day with no other options available.

Well, probably if they had one of each pacer on tempus, and a second one on a hillier route, that would probably get a bit more. But tempus would be such a mess if there were that many pacers there, so they are basically trying to do this without overpopulating tempus.

Looking at the usage, I’m not at all sure that’s true. My impression is that most pace partner riders want to avoid hills at all costs, and will prefer all the flat routes, unless perhaps if dynamic pacing weren’t a thing?

You are correct.

I the old days Bowie on Sand and Sequoias route used to have a huge attendance when it was fixed 3.2w/kg.

Yes I’m old enough to remember that well because 3-4 laps of that was my daily ride.

Now everyone rushes to Tempus or Tick Tock for the rides with least changes of pace.

So today when there’s a coco on tempus and a coco on another route you have way more folks on tempus, but ‘some’ on the other route. So I would think that’s more than just having a coco on tempus.

It’s purely Coco on Tempus.

The most common power/pace level for a lot of users and the flattest route. So it will be popular.

I’m going to guess 200+ in the group and the Makuri coco probably had less than 50.

When a very slow robopacer is in Tempus less will join it because it is too slow, so the regular Coco/Yumi crowd will try to find the nearest group of their speed with the flattest course.

If neither is possible then it’s a nuclear meltdown emergency and you see lots of grumbling. :joy:

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Or the fastest accumulation of distance/XP.

You’d have to ask them all.


I think you hit the nail on the head. There is no way to do a long Z2 ride with a Pace partner with dynamic pacing, especially if you are heavier than the PP.

Even without dynamic pacing there can be a pretty big power swing when the pacer’s weight is a lot different than the rider’s weight (it’s not as bad now that the pacers are all at 75kg, so all are about the average zwifter weight, but still if you’re much lighter, or much heavier it’s a big difference).

Dynamic pacing just makes those power swings on hills vs. flats bigger.

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Workout mode? That’s what I see most commonly - folks (often with pink jerseys) set up a long workout and control the power to stay with the robopacer.

Weight has little to do with the effort, light people are equally affected by the dynamic pacing.

Zwift needs a salt-flat course like this one from Fulgaz or a flat velodrome for a flat robopacer ride:

No I didn’t ride that one (I did Hautacam instead).

I would bet money that a robo pacer on a velodrome would attract people who periodically try to lap the pacer. It could be a bit crazy-making for the group but I couldn’t blame them for wanting to do it.

Not goin Up.

Not when the pacer push higher watts going up hill. It is hard for a heavy guy to follow a 75kg pacer even if the PP say at the same wattage and that is fine, that is how we cycle outside ass well. The issue is now the PP see a hill and attack.

I would like to ride with a group on a hilly course even if I need to go slightly over Z2 on the climbs, but currently we need to go deep in Z3 and Z4

Franky I just do my own thing with my Z2 workout.

Challenge accepted :wink: