New mountain route

Thinking of a new mountain route for the robo pacers:

Start at Road to Sky
complete the ADZ climb, finish the loop at top then descend and go back to start point
then take the epic KOM cliff side diversion -
right turn to go up epic KOM, then follow that back to road to sky starting point
and back to ADZ.

Loop and repeat. This would be a great route that the robot-riders can use.

Currently all of the bots are missing a mountain loop. At most they only have little hills.

Fully intentional on my part because of the impact hills have on attendance.


That I can’t argue with - coco group on tick tock when I joined an hour ago about 277 riders.

More of them on Tempus and tick tock instead of “flat route” or other smaller hilly routes?

I’d still like a mountain route as one option in place of the hilliest route. This is a good training option.