Flat vs Hilly routes for RoboPacers

When we went to the new RoboPacers we were told that there would be two routes per Pacer, one flat and one hilly. This week and several times in the past that does not happen. When the choices are Three Little Sisters and Castle to Castle there is not a flat route. If you look at the number of riders riding the flat route last week compared to the climbing route it’s apparent that flat routes draw more people. This week so far neither of the Miguel routes are drawing many people. I’d rather ride with Maria on Tick Tock, I’m reallyban1.8-2 rider, than ride either of the routes. Could we please have a REAL flat route with a climbing route than two climbing routes?

Maybe try the next RP down - assuming they’re on a flat route - but ride a gravel or mountain bike.

Well yes, a really flat route and a really hilly option.

People obviously prefer Tempus all the time by looking at the numbers. Whichever bot around 2.5w is on Tempus will have 100+ riders.

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