New route - Accelerate to Elevate

I guess that was on Tempus fugit?

Sugar Cookie. Which includes the start of the Epic KOM. Which I did three times, trying my level best exactly to match Maria’s wkg. I takes some focus and discipline not to go 50 or 100 watts over budget on the steep bits.

Yeah, when I did sugar cookie with the pacer, the quasi-KOM section had me much higher power than I wanted to be. For me that was too big a swing.

Edit: You can see where that KOM segment is in my intervals data:

It definitely helped that today’s overall prescription was to ride at the lower end of Z2. That meant that if I was careful I could do the uphills mostly without straying into Z3 for extended periods.

The obvious downside of that is that as well as the intended 10 minutes warmup and cooldown, there was a bit more time in Z1 than would’ve been ideal.

Definitely the right option the day after single leg squats and trap bar deadlifts, though!

If you look at the last 35 mins, the average power is 208W, but for over 6 mins the average is 243W, if the hill was the entire epic KOM then that would have probably averaged about the same, maybe more for the duration of the epic KOM, which is a big difference from doing 208W average.

Now, I’m not much heavier than Yumi, so for someone who is 100kgs, that swing would be much bigger than for me.

Note: When Yumi is on tempus the average for me is always below 218W, it’s a lot more consistent, and never getting into the 240s for minutes which is a different style of workout for me personally.

The point is we all have to put in more effort when the robot accelerates uphill. No matter what.

Constance does 345w uphill and that’s not very nice as I end up having to do 5w/kg to not get dropped and others in Constance group do 5.5-6.5w/kg which has the effect of towing along the robopacer (which I know you’ve said countless times never ever happens and isn’t possible). Usually my heart rate isn’t spiking over 150bpm with Constance group.

I find I’m riding less with the robot groups and riding alone or using Fulgaz when I want to do a real mountain without distractions or annoying Zwift pace dynamics meddling with my efforts.

The real world view is also a nice diversion. Yesterday I was still in a busy noisy capital city but the Fulgaz ride up Hautacam took me away to the Pyrenees for an hour or so.

I understand, my point is there is no need for the RP to increase power on a climb, it is already harder for people heavier than the RP

The need was because folks complained the robopacers were too slow uphill and everyone wanted more dynamic rides, so that’s what they got.

I don’t remember ever asking for that.

It was nicer when the pace was static.

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It makes sense on a small, rolling hill. Smart trainer resistance increases, people push a little bit harder to maintain pace over the lump. Just like outside.
It makes less sense on longer hills, they generally don’t see the same power increase on a steady paced ride.

I was riding Fulgaz one day, nice English countryside ride following a car. The car tapped the brakes, and I sure as heck grabbed both my brakes . . .

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