"Ride With" option no longer available?

The most recent Zwift update (with the major home screen and/or UI change) has removed the ability to see my friends list on the main home screen. I use the feature all the time to join an out-of-state friend on rides using the “Ride With” feature. The feature I am referring to is outlined in the Zwift “Joining a Zwifter on a Ride” article (I can’t post links, but it’s the second hit if you google “ride with friends on zwift”).

This list of riders currently riding on a route no longer exists, so I cannot find my friend. The Zwift companion app also does not allow me to find my friend. I can find my friend’s profile and it says “Riding now,” but there is no option anywhere to join them on their current ride.

Am I missing something? I don’t see any way to view my friends list on the homes creen, and the Zwift companion app does not allow me to “Ride with” someone in progress. Why would this feature be removed? Please advise on how to join someone in the middle of their current ride.

Not missing anything, plenty of feedback on that already in this thread …

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Hi Dean, and thanks for the reply.

I read through that update thread when looking into this, but only the OP and didn’t look at the replies; my bad!

Thanks again for the reply and heads up.

Ride on.


haha … loads of these threads would send ppl to sleep, so dont blame you :slight_smile:

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Any idea of when we can use what we’re paying for again? I was so aggravated yesterday when I tried to join my friend and couldn’t. I can’t choose routes easily anymore either. All users should get a credit issued for the down time. Rouvy is one small click away.


Agree, new beta features should not kill old stable ones


Well, I don’t see anything in this thread about RideWith nor the links you have. Can you just post a once sentence description on how I can RideWith my already-riding buds?

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It no longer exists in the new home screen UI, but Zwift say they’re working on it.
Latest ZHQ info if you do a search:

Insane behavior, hard to imagine how the “ride with” feature got nuked… just terrible.


This is beyond ridiculous. Probably the most used feature once we actually moved to Watopia and wanted to ride with friends… just deleted, because Zwift doesn’t actually use their own product and understand. Way to go Zwift. So stupid.


This is an option I used from time to time, Joining my friends for a spin. Now this things gone, Im really feeling disappointed. New UI is terrible, I prefer more compact solutions, with easy access to routes, workouts. Even I would come back to old UI if that would be an option. I can’t imagine navigate in that new UI for apple TV users.

Totally agree. This supposed update is a huge annoying step backward. Not being able to find your mate to ride is bloody poor. Seriously thinking about ceasing my Zwift Membership and going to the competition.

Agree. Pissed off

Do any of the competition have a ride with feature?

You could arrange a meet up as a way around it whilst Zwift is temporarily unable to offer the ride with feature.