New Zwift Home Screen Update [January 2022]

The update fixed the problem. Thank you

Hey @shooj … any chance for an update on this (like how’s the feedback, how is the Mac testing going, guestimate for general deployment to the masses etc). I appreciate you likely wont give specifics but any morsels would be appreciated. Cheers


I’d certainly like to try it on Mac.

They are just rolling it out for Windows only for now.

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I’d like to know if they are still rolling it out (adding people that get it) or if they’ve paused rolling it out to make some adjustments, as noted above.

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Hey all!

I wanted to introduce myself, thank everyone here for the incredible feedback, and share with you how the team is responding.

I’ve been deeply involved with a lot of the rollout logistics for the new home screen. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, it’s been a very controlled roll, especially in these early days while we collect as much early feedback as possible and continue to add polish to each platform. We are continuing to ramp up the number of users receiving the home screen on PC. Cautious, methodical public rollouts for macOS are set to begin next week.

I’ve seen a couple of different themes emerge in this thread that I wanted to address as well.

Screen Scaling
Thank you so much to everyone that provided screenshots of less than ideal scaling! This feedback data is crucial as we optimize across many devices and screen configurations. We have a change coming in version 1.23 that will allow players to override the default scaling in the Settings menu. We are continuing to tune the default scaling in parallel to minimize the need for override settings.

Workout Route Selection
We have taken your feedback into account and are currently working on the next iteration of workout route selection. This will provide flexibility to select any route, and show route badge completion status and distance/elevation data.

Thanks again for all of the input. The team is actively watching this thread, so keep the feedback rolling!


I look forward for the opportunity to give feedback!

Is the roll out completely random? Or is there some kinda way to determine which users will see the new Home Screen first?

Welcome to the forum @Ryy

Thanks for the update.

We hope to hear (read) a lot more from you.


This looks fun.

Thanks for the update @Ryy .
Great to see, that out feedback is incorporated.
Hope to see the new UI live, soon.

@Ryy Thanks for the update. @shooj I have a simple request that I’m sure Zwift has heard before. I’m tired of having to rely on third parties (ie GPLama, ZI, Zwiftcast) for updates on new developments. Why oh why can Zwift not create an effective communications vehicle using one of the many social media platforms available, or a newsletter, or even email. Having to scroll through 130+ forum posts for a scrap of information posted by staff is massively frustrating. BTW after all that scrolling I’m still no wiser as to when the new Home Screen UI will reach iOS users.


Did not reach me until now too (Win PC user)…

Do you see the new home screen on devices other than the Windows device? Or is it only on your Windows device?

OMG I cant wait for the new screen…Yay!!!

If you want additional ATV beta tester, I will be glad to help and provide feedback.
Ride on

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Any update on the rollout? @shooj @Ryy

Zoon? Imminently?

I’m eagerly waiting for this update. Its been nearly 2 months since it began being rolled out. Time to accelerate the process Zwift! I would hope those of us users that have been here from the early days would be higher in the roll out queue. We should get something for our years of loyalty.

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You’re so cute when you pull that naive card…