More info on riders display

At present we just have w/kg as the only riders metric.  Can Zwift add power output, Cadence, heart rate and possibly riders weight to the riders display.  Just a thought


Andrew Hare

Too much information for a small space. You can get most  this info by watching a rider.

Their age or age category ironically would be the most useful thing to have in addition to watts/kg.


Zwift could make the rider info display larger same size as mini map. That way more rider info could be displayed.  

I believe its possible to get most of this data by tapping on a rider name from within the Zwift Mobile Link app.

“Zwift could make the rider info display larger same size as mini map. That way more rider info could be displayed.”

People are complaining now about the amount of clutter on screen. This would make matters worse. If you want to know someone’s stats click on their name using the ZML.

The more info means better transparency.  I haven’t accessed the VML during a race and I would suspect that it would be hard to monitor fellow racers while racing.  The comment about the clutter on screen, well I don’t find the layout that bad.  But I do training with Zwift on a 42 inch TV.  Maybe laptops users have an issue with clutter.

Any thanks for the feedback



Im not agreeing with publishing all my dates to everybody! It is absolutly enough to see the w/kg. Every more informations would violate the privacy of every biker. Only if everybody could decide free with a click for every point (HR/Kg or else), if he want to show his dates/informations for everybody. But not generally. Zwift should not be "Big brother is watching you". Its a perfect “Interactive Game” with the best performing own power in a avatar game ever seen. Please don`t create little CIA or Homeland security sister.

Doctor Zappe you have found me out.  Yes I do work for the CIA and have been assigned the covert role to persuade the Zwift developers to include more metrics in the info panel.  My boss is a fanatical zwift cyclist who wants to use the metrics during racing to his advantage.  Before I joined this operation I was a happy 300Lb 5’ 5" back room analyst.  Now I have to put this ridiculous lycra CIA sponsored cycling suit on and gain the trust of the Zwift developers through using  Zwift.  It has not all been too bad, I have made a couple of friends through Zwift.  Bob from the FBI and Frank from Home Land Security.  

Andrew Hare :slight_smile: Nice a Man with ironic humor :slight_smile: I like it. But I hope youunderstand my arguments. 200 years ago people figth for Egalite, fraternite, liberte, but also for the right to decide for myselve, which informations I give to Others :-)That`s all. :slight_smile: