w/kg at top of screen

It would be great if you put w/kg at top of screen instead of sidebar, my vision isn’t as good as it used to be and have to squint to see it. No problem seeing watts and speed at top, would be great help. Really enjoying riding on Zwift

Been requested before but I totally agree. I sometimes Zwift using a laptop and can’t read the w/kg. Essential if you’re racing and want to keep an eye on someone trying to catch you up.

I came here to suggest this as well. Many of the group events on based on w/kg and the number is tiny and I can barely see it my current w/kg. It would be great to show your current w/kg on the screen in the main stats area. It might also be nice to show the group ride organizer’s w/kg as well. A lot of group rides get fragmented and this could potentially help if people were more aware of their w/kg. My first few rides I didn’t even notice it and had no idea what I was currently riding at.

I am a new rider with less than 20 20 vision. I support this idea. Enjoying my rides so far. Beats getting in the car in dead of winter to go to the gym.

i couldn’t see the laptop screen either, bought a  LG tv 42" from Shpock for £60 all fine now.no need to brake bank!

as long as w/kg is the thing in Zwift for setting pace and power it should have a centerd position.