(J. Grauer) #1

 It would be great if the W/Kg was more prominent, especially for rides and races.  The number is used to categorize the pace levels and I find I’m always squinting to see where I’m at.  Could it be larger on the screen or a separate number on the mobile app?

(Paul Wollenberg) #2

Great idea! I was just thinking about this today. The white text on a light blue background of your w/kg makes it very hard to read. Yet all other riders are easier to read as they have a gray background. How about making your personal w/kg dark gray, as it would still differentiate from the other riders and be much much easier to read. 

(Paul Allen) #3

Please vote up the existing suggestions like this so Zwift knows what the users want.

(Todd Ingram) #4

yes please, Zwift… my eyes (and legs) are old!

(Dane Stevens) #5

Excellent suggestion and an easy modification to make.  I vote Yes.

(Cedric Charest) #6

yes, it’s the reference on group rides, it’s so small that it’s hard to see if you’re not in front of your screen!


Also, please add the field with W/kg on the Mobile Link mobile app!

(Cedric Charest) #7


double post - oops

(Nigel Doyle) #8

Yeah I agree. I do group rides where a specific w/kg is specified and I can barely make out the information on screen.