Add w/kg to critical data so it is visible

Recommendation: It is VERY difficult to read the w/kg while riding. It seems the only place to see how you are doing is to look at the right sidebar with nearby zwifters. The text is very small and in a light color…I’d recommend placing this information in the top left box along with the watts, rpm, heart rate. All are critical data.

Most if not all rides are based on your w/kg. But if you can’t read this data while riding, it’s hard to know how you are doing (or improving). It would also be nice to have this data included in the post ride results.

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If you use the companion app, you can display your w/kg there and it is much easier to read. Especially for those of us who have bad eyesight, I take my glasses off when I ride due to sweat, and even with a large TV it is hard for me to read on the screen.

And to use the ZC app to view WKG during a ride, just tap on the wattage display and it will change to show WKG.


Just follow the ride leader (yellow beacon) different weight people will be at different w/kg at the same speed (except up the alpe and big climbs), that is why rides have a range of w/kg.

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I agree that it’s fairly easy to gauge w/kg from watts alone and knowing your weight.

But suggesting that setting ones weight to 100 kg or using a spreadsheet (printer or not) is a solution…

I don’t need 10 decimal places, so for me the easiest solution is using my brain. No problem to calculate, 1 decimal place is enough when riding.

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