Displaying w/kg instead of watts on mobile App

(William Kwan) #1

When not logged into Zwift from computer and viewing a rider’s info on the mobile app, the app displays the average speed and power (watts) of the rider.  I think it is more representative of a rider’s fitness to show w/kg instead of watts.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Moved to Feature Requests.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

Maybe there is room for both?  One of the ways I use the mobile app is to have it lying on a table in front of me.  In this way when I’m drilling it head-down style I can still see if I’m hitting my target power.  The big watt display is fine for this.  I would gladly give up the cadence display on the mobile app in favor of w/kg though.

(William Kwan) #4


My request is referencing when we are not riding but using the mobile app to view who’s on Zwift.  There is very limited info on each rider.  And the “avg watts” listed doesn’t tell the whole story of the fitness of a rider.  Even though we could evaluate the rider’s fitness from the “avg speed” field, but I think seeing w/kg is more useful than showing the power alone.

As for when we are logged in, if there is real estate to add w/kg in addition to power, that would be great.  But I certainly agree that having the power field is helpful when we are not looking at game display.