watts vs. w/kg

when we ride we rely on w/kg and not the jumpy watts why not put the w/kg where the watts are displayed and have 3 second smoothing?

Watts isn’t typically something you train by, nor is it something you’d want to see so prominently all the time.

What w/kg is useful for is determining relative performance and how realistic a performance might be, which is why we show it on the riders list. It clearly shows when somebody is sprinting, whether they are 50kg in weight or 150kg in weight. It also helps us figure out when somebody might be cheating a bit.

Jon, something I and others do train with is power zones which are very useful. On my Garmin, for example, I have it set so the first info field is Power Zone. I can then always see what zone I’m in: 1-2: Recovery, 2-3: Endurance, 3-4: Tempo, 4-5: Threshold, etc… Much easier than deciphering a jumpy wattage number, smoothed or otherwise. Watts/kg is helpful for comparing other riders, but less useful for individual training purposes.

I actually keep my Garmin running when using Zwift just because that zone info helps me stay on track for the intended purpose of the ride. Would be nice if we could define what measurement we see where the raw watts is shown now. As I said, putting the power zone there would be preferential for me, but Zwift would need to add a way to input one’s ftp so that the zones could be calculated.

And, yes, watts is absolutely something you train by. It’s the most important training measurement there is. The power zones just take the watts and puts them into a more useful context.