Show average w/kg on leaderboard as well as current

(David Greenwood [TFC]) #1

(Tim Heffner (S9R p/b Vittoria)) #2

I’m not sure what information w/kg would provide other than suggesting some kind of artificial “enhancement” is occurring.  I believe ave watts would be a better measure, and would provide better information.  This is especially true on flatter courses like Richmond.  Many Zwifters seem fixated on w/kg, and need to remember on a flat road/course power to weight is irrelevant.  Absolute power is what counts.  Power to weight is only relevant on climbs, particularly long climbs, and not the short/punchy, kind found in Zwift.  W/kg would be Ok for KOM, but ave watts for sprint and lap would be better.

Bottom line is I like the idea…just a different measure.