Display of Average Watts/Kg during rides

Hi there Zwifters: is there a way to display your AVERAGE watts/kg during a ride? I’ve seen many comments during group events about riders stating their average watts / kg but I don’t know where to find that. I know on the companion app you can display your instantaneous watts/kg but I’m trying to find out how to display your AVERAGE watts/kg during an event.

No you can’t display average watts or w/kg.

Most people guess that or use Garmin head units.

Ok, thanks Gerrie,

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Rick, if you are using a pc setup, personally the best option would be to use Zwift Activity Monitor Pro.

It’s a very useful tool… go check it out.


I use a Garmin head unit with a w/kg data field, works great. It’s handy for displaying the metrics that Zwift can’t.

You can see your average watts if you open the menu, getting to average W/kg from there is left as an exercise for the reader.

The Garmin is the most practical way to do this.

Aside from average power you can get many other metrics.

The number should be an overlay under all the others. Or even something like the FPS which you can manually enable.

Fixed that for you


Ha, too true.

BTW, this is the data field I use…

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As Zwift has successfully disabled the Zwift Activity Monitor (as of July 2022 update) is there any other way to monitor Average W/KG now that Zwift Racer in the Garmin Connect IQ Store also seems to have gone??


Record the ride on your Garmin device?

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Yes, I do that - a Garmin Forerunner 255 which connects to my trainer (Wahoo Kickr) but I can’t find a data field that displays average w/kg during a ride - I know Zwift Racer use to do this but it seems to be no longer available from the Garmin IQ App. Store.

Its still there…the 1.3 update “Extended list of compatible devices to all available” but your 255 seemxs to be the only device missing so perhaps contact via his app page

Does the 255 not have the usual power metrics of other watches or bike computers?

Which power data fields does it have? I was thinking of getting one but if there is no average power, 3s average or anything like that don’t think I will.

They are listed in the owners manual (updated as at May 22) - from pg 97

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and if you don’t want to trawl through the manual they are…
default data field, always visible -
the usual metrics inc. speed, distance, cadence, 3s power and trainer grade, although I haven’t figured out what that is yet… maybe I’ll check out the manual :wink:
then you can add custom data fields, although none have average Power in W/KG but they can display most metrics - current, average 3s etc. in plain Watts

Ah, thanks for that, I will… cheers :beers:

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It says it has average power so you can change one of the fields to display that.

Edit - Sorry hadn’t seen it was average watts per kg you wanted.

But I prefer average w/kg - raw power numbers don’t really mean anything to me! Cheers :slight_smile: