Real time avg. watts?

Is there a way to display the real time running average watts for a ride?
Bill Black

Not within Zwift itself. Dependant on the trainer you could send the readings from the trainer to an external device such as a Garmin Edge.

Click the blue menu button during a ride. Keep riding as this does not pause the ride. Your average power will be shown on a graph on the first screen presented to you.

Click ‘back’ to return to your ride.

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Would be interested to understand what you intend to do with this information?

For every QS (quality session) I do, I have target average watts for intervals as well as recovery periods and having a real time running average displayed is helpful although I likely will use my Garmin so that I can mark the ints and have displayed avg. numbers for those as well.

Isn’t it easier to just make a workout?

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Yes, but using erg caps your effort and making progress means exceeding the scheduled spec.

As with a lot of things with zwift, it is something a lot of people want, there is a work around or hack, so zwift can’t be bothered.

You can create a free ride block and show the average watt.


You can use the bias button to increase or decrease the required watts.

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That would mean you wouldn’t get segment timers and stuff as you would be in workout mode.

You can only change it by +/- 10% though which doesn’t give much of a range.

Yes but you should probably know what average you are aiming for. so if you aim for 200w you can go from 180w to 220w.

Maybe I haven’t used average watts that much I just follow the workout targets.