Display watts on screen - averaging time too fast

Hello. New to Zwift, and new to a smart trainer (Zwift Hub). I had been using virtual power on Trainer Road only for several years. Enjoying Zwift and the learning curve. My issue/question is the rapid change in watts shown on my display screen. The watts seem to change almost instantaneously even with the same grade and cadence. Change so rapidly to be of little use real-time, can’t imagine trying a workout with set goals in watts rather than a route. My memory is I checked a box for 3-second average but software doesn’t seem to do that. I am still using TR for workouts, and today I noted this is not an issue with new trainer. My TR is also set for a 3-second average. Any ideas? Am I supposed to find and check the 3-second box before every ride on Zwift?

Hi @Bill_Blankenship

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You can go to settings and turn on 3 second averaging.

…and to answer the 2nd part, no you shouldn’t have to check the 3 sec avg box before every ride. Once you’ve selected it should keep that setting for future rides (assuming you’re using the same device).

Thanks! Ok, nothing more I can do, wanted to be sure, I’ll carry on. My initial plan had been to use TR for workouts and long-term plans and Zwift for all else. I’ll stick with that for now. Keeps interest up for indoor riding also.

How much variation in wattage are you seeing? If you’re talking hundreds of watts, that’s an issue. If you’re talking about tens of watts, honestly that might just be your pedaling. If you have an uneven pedal stroke, you’ll see a lot more variation. Smoothing out pedaling is a skill in itself, it doesn’t come naturally for everyone. And some don’t care, to be honest. I know several triathletes who are serious stompers–mashing down on the pedals with each foot, which leads to wattage spiking. And they don’t care :slight_smile: But you can work on it if you want.

Next time you’re on the trainer, try to focus on smoothing it out. Thinking about pulling your rear foot up and over the top each stroke, and about trying to keep the power smooth in the whole circle. See if that helps–if so, there’s your variation :slight_smile: