Average speed display

Why does ZWIFT NOT display average speed? This is what most of us use to gauge pace and plan rides and track progress. It’s what we use to keep on pace during rides. Watching my w/kg at that moment doesn’t meant much and certainly isn’t motivating (even avg w/kg would be something!!). Seems like a no brainer…why zwift why?

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Has this question been raised more recently? I’ve seen it said that watts are what matters, but hypothetical question – if as an individual I ride the same course 5 times, each time at eg. 2 watts/kg as a final average, is that a guarantee that each ride will be done in the exact same amount of time/average speed? As an individual, my best performance on a course is the one where I completed the course in the fastest time.

No, if you use different bikes, wheels, change weight or height, steering and drafting you will get a different time.

If you want consistency in your times you will need to use the same TT/Tri bike each time and not use steering.

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So you’re saying if my entered height, weight or bike don’t change, then eg. 2 watts/kg average at the end of ride would always mean I complete the course in the same amount of time? Assuming a free ride without drafting or a TT bike.

I thought there was greater time/speed variance based on where or how long you apply whatever wattage… eg. more watts on hills has greater impact going up a hill than going down a hill, etc. And that 2 rides could finish with the same avg watts/kg but with very different times. Is that incorrect?

This thread is getting off topic and you should start a new one.

The thread is about whether average speed display has value? That’s my question – doesn’t it?

This thread is about just displaying average speed, what you are asking is different.

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Yes, I’m asking if there’s value to displaying average speed, or as some other threads I found (that were closed for some reason) argued that it was irrelevant and that wattage is all anybody needs to view. such as https://forums.zwift.com/t/average-speed/541431

Average speed is affected by too many other variables to be useful, though some might find it an interesting stat to see.
Average power is by far the useful to track training effort and progress (depending on you training focus for that ride). You are right that you can do a course faster for less average power if you push harder on climbs than the flat. This is because you will be spending less overall effort fighting air resistance. Go and Google it if you want to find out more, it’s quite an interesting read. There are also some apps that will use this data to tell you the optimal power to produce at each part of a given course depending on gradient etc. Have fun!
Having average power would also be great to stop the bickering on group rides where lots of people feel/think that the pace is above or below the advertised one.

I was also thinking of the use-cases for avg speed even in racing. Especially for just oneself, being able at a glance to know in a crit race where your average speed is at the completion of each lap, etc. And likewise easily knowing how this compares to your past efforts. IRL, there are a lot more variables that make avg speed less valuable (especially things like wind). For the same course in Zwift, we have the advantage of all environmental factors being a constant.

Little known fact, the rider with the highest avg speed will win the race. :grin:

Not really, unless on a TT bike, as stated earlier in this thread.
If you are in a bigger pack, with more people pulling, you will go faster for less effort.