Display average w/kg for race/event


Could you add a feature for races and events that displays your average w/kg for the event instead of just your current w/kg?

If you are near the front in a race it is very hard to judge whether you are going to be disqualified for exceeding the upper limit of the event as if there are sprints you obviously want to try your best but this can push you over the average w/kg limit for the category. The same applies if you drop back and then do a big effort to make your way back up the field. 

I know you could enter a higher category but last night i joined the race 3 mins before it was due to start and they only was 1 category to join. 

If you are that close to the upper end of a category then you should think of upgrading to the next group.

If you are late and have to start with a slower group than you should just go along for the ride, help the slower guys, pace in the front and when you get close to the finish drop back and be the last one over the line. Ok maybe not last but give at least the top 10 places to the guys that are in that group.


Well this was only my 2nd race and the 1st one my trainer wasn’t set right so wasnt sure how I would fair. 

I ended up over 3 mins back from the person who officially won yet was disqualified as my w/kg was too high. The race started with everyone disappearing into the distance so there was nobody for me to pace as had to claw my way back up the field

Agree completely, avg watts and avg w/kg display would be extremely useful for training, general rides and races. Very surprised it’s not there and would have thought pretty straight forward to implement programmatically

I really think there should be avg displays for most measures (watts, w/kg, hr, speed, etc).  I can get much of this info in Strava premium when the ride is over but I’d like to see it real time during the ride.

Also, there should be a way to capture the final screen into the my.zwift.com entry for that ride.   It’s weird that it saves and quits, without putting all the ride data in the my.zwift.com entry.  It should also include the Zwift segments on the ride (lap, KOMs, sprints).   The data is there, why not save it and let me analyze post ride?

Wouldn’t this just make it easier to sandbag?