Display of Average Watts/Kg during rides

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Assuming your weight doesn’t dramatically change you’re basically looking at the same thing just a smaller number

My on the fly division by 56 isn’t that great! :wink:

Just remember the useful points

1.5 = 84
2 = 112
2.5 = 140


And you can work out roughly where you are between them

Division by 8 and second division by 7 is easier!

Sadly, using a Garmin (or the like) is the only viable way to see and record quality data if one is using quality power meters. Zwift only show and record basic data anyway. One day, Zwift or RGT will create a real customizable dashboard with power phase, right/left power, averages, or wherever we want to see instead of cookie-cutter basic data…

To clarify, I think Zwift records all the data you’re talking about, they just don’t want to show it. That is, I think(?) it’s all in the .fit file. So it’s really about what you can see either live while riding, or after the ride’s done, and where you have to go to see it.

They do - if you press the menu button mid ride it shows the average watts so it must be there somewhere in the background

Agreed! but if you don’t show it while riding/training, and pass it alone to apps like Strava, it’s like it wasn’t there anyway…
The Zwift dashboard has had NO improvements since, “EVER”!

Definitely not, my P2M left/right data are recorded in the Polar file but not in Zwift fit file.

Minor clarification - Zwift Fit files do not capture ongoing avg_speed - this is only captured at the end of the event (in the file). Having said that, distance and timestamp (along with potentially useful attributes like speed, power) are captured every second, so not overly taxing for any code to produce the required stat real-time.

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