Where’s my W/kg listed?

Where’s my W/kg listed?

Under your name on the riders nearby list, right side of the screen under the mini map.

The question was in connection with entering a race.

You have to calculate it yourself.

Hi @James_Johnson2

If you have done a Ftp test you can use that number and divide it by your weight.

So if you have ben zwifting for some time you will have a FTP in game.

Take that FTP and divide it by your weight in kg

How to find your Zwift FTP


FTP = 250w
Weight = 80 kg

250/80 = 3.125 w/kg

So that will put you in C

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There’s an estimated FTP on Zwiftpower. Should I use that and divide by weight?

The FTP on Zwiftpower is the number that you entered they don’t estimate ftp.

Best is to check Zwift app.

Once you did one race Zwiftpower will show you what group you should pick.

Where on Zwiftpower?

The NP for my last race was 211. Is that my FTP?

What is your FTP in Zwift?

Zwiftpower has you as a C rider. So you should ride C until Zwiftpower upgrade you to B


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