Where snouts can I see My FTP

to be stupid guys but where can I see my personal FTP or do you have to save your rides to see it? I always delete mine as a coach advised me to so other people couldn’t see how I was doing, I’m so bad that I don’t care now.

In the game, open the menu in the upper right (to the right of the Garage). Select My Profile and you can view or edit your FTP there.

For the record, nobody else can generally determine your FTP from Zwift unless you take screenshots during workouts (which it will do automatically, so you just have to turn those off). They can infer from those workouts where your Zwift has your FTP set to, but… that’s it.

You should set your activities to private on the save screen before uploading them so others cannot see them. You can see your FTP on my.zwift.com

I can find my zFTP in my Zwift account but not sure I can find my FTP. They are two different things.

The menu screen might tell you your record 20min power

Yes it will. Are you then multiplying that by 0.95 to get your FTP? I agree it could give you your FTP if your FTP is based on a maximum 20 min effort but what if your FTP was obtained through a Ramp Test, will you get the same result?

Edit: when your best 20 min power drops out after 90 days does your FTP change - I don’t know ?

Usually the calculation is 95% but i prefer to just know the 20m number for 2 reasons:

  1. The 20m is more useful than 1hr because especially in racing it is very rare you will do a 1hr effort, 20-30mins is the most common
  2. 95% of 20min power is very unrealistic for most people including me. Many pros cannot hold 95% of their 20min power for 1hr.

Ramp tests usually give a result ~10w higher than a 20min test but if you usually ride outdoors then your ftp will most likely be 10w higher anyway.

Thanks everyone for help.

Can I see my FTP anywhere in the companion app on my phone?

Can anyone else see my rides?

Yes if you don’t set your ride activity to Private.

Is it an issue if others can see your ride activity ?

Why would your coach be concerned if others could see how you were doing?

If you want help and encouragement on Zwift you are more likely (IMHO) to get it from this forum if you have a public profile.