Newbie can't see FTP score from short FTP test activity

I’m new here. My first workout was the short FTP test. I can view the saved activity, with the usual statistics - but I’m expecting to be able to review the calculated FTP score. Am I overlooking something obvious?
(I’m viewing Zwift on Windows 10 laptop and Android phone.)

Go to your user profile:

Thanks, Gerrie. I have a problem, though, in that I cannot see such a page. (It might be because I’m on the 7-day free trial - but I’d be disappointed if that was the case, because then Zwift is not giving me a true picture of what it is offering.)

This is a slice of my home page at after my 1 ride…

Which page is your first screenshot taken from?

You will not see it on, you will find the place the @Gerrie_Delport posted if you log into the Zwift App and go into the Menu.

The only limitation with the trial is time and/or distance.

Thanks, Paul. That was my problem. Thanks for the tip.

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Another newbie. I’m lost too. Is that in the companion app or the Zwift app? I can’t find that screen in either.