Odd FTP Test Result


I’ve just completed the FTP Workout (FTP Test - Shorter). It gave me a value of 157W which feels really low. Particularly when, at the end of my ride summary, none of the power values shown on the summary screen were anywhere near my best efforts on Zwift… Even the 20 min effort of the actual Test was way off my best 20 min effort from a previous ride. 

Checking my profile, my setup seems correct… I am a 76Kg 46 year old male. Now, I have been off the bike for a while through illness and also I was just getting over a cold. But even so, this score seems low.

Here is my FTP test (20 min test starts at about 42mins)…


Compare with a recent Zwift Ride…


For kit I am running on a Tacx Flux Smart Trainer (Direct Drive) so I assuming that there can’t be any mis-configuration. Am I missing something here or am I just old and unfit? 



Hi Mike, 

'how did you get on with getting an answer for this?? Just got myself a Tacx Flux as well and have had the same issue with FTP test. Also my trainer seems to be loaded up even on flats and downhill. 




I don’t know if you ever got an answer to your question (nor if Mike did)  but based on what you say about the trainer always feeling like it is “loaded up”, It sounds like your trainer or Zwift may be in ERG mode. You can check in the Zwift Workout page (when your trainer is connected). There should be an indicator at the bottom of the page.