Ftp results are too high


I have already done an FTP test (short version) several times. I always get unrealistic values. After the FTP test my result is 526W. This is very high and can’t be right since I’m an average cyclist.

I have already been in contact with zwift, and they suggest doing a new calibration and disposing ERG mode during the 20-minute ftp test. I did but still get very high wattages.

Why is this? Can someone help me with this?

Hi @Kristof

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You will need to give more information like what trainer en bicycle you use for Zwift.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

I use elite suito T smarttrainer. This with a racebike. (Ridley)


Did you pair the trainer as powersource anc controllable.

Can you post a screenshot of your pairing screen.

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O that look fine.

I have A powermeter on my smarttrainer.
I notice in my settings by ‘power estimation mode’ that i have ‘zpower’ selected.
Is that possibly the couse of the wattage faliure?
Do i need to switch it to ‘Classic’?

There is a setting icon unter power source. Did you accomplished that?

You wouldn’t by any chance be Alexander Kristoff, would you? :wink:


@Tom_J For 1sec i thought so :rofl::rofl:


@Roadrunner_V2 Do you mean to do a calibration?

@Kristof yes

@Roadrunner_V2 Yes, i did that already

calibrate via MyEtraining app by Direto, rather than in Zwift.

check correct wheel circumference is entered as per this: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000738484-Tire-Size-Chart (not sure if that affects anything but eh worth a shot).

try turning off zpower too. shouldn’t be using that with a smart trainer.


When i make connection between zwift and my smarttrainer, the button ‘power estimation mode is gone.
I think because the connection is automaticly.
So that’s probebly not the problem.
Do you think on something else?
I am a little frustrated About it because i cant find the problem. All the trainingprogrammes are related on that. So i can’t do a proper training…

are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth.

Do you have other options available for power and controllable in the pairing screen.

I use Bluetooth and only suito 102 to choose

You may have to contact Elite.

Did you try to pair it with other software and see if you see the same power numbers.

Other software? Witch do you mean?

Like the elite training app or a garmin cycling computer.