High values of power

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I’ve been pedaling on zwift for less than two months. I need to understand why during my training the developed power values are very high. As cadence and speed sensors I use those of Wahoo, I don’t have a power sensor. My trainer is an Elite Novo Force 8 and when I train I put it on resistance 3. I am 63 years old and easily reach the average 250 watts. I’m not a great cyclist but my current FTP recorded by Zwift and 301. It’s definitely wrong because I don’t think I can reach such high values. Do you have a solution for me? Thanks

Hi @Maurizio_Rosi

Welcome to the Zwift forum. The first thing that comes to mind is that your wheel is slipping n the trainer roller. Make sure to tighten it according to the manufacturer specifications.

You should use a trainer tire, and inflate it to 100psi (check the tire spec)

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Thanks for contributing!

I have been riding since last fall myself and using a magnetic resistance trainer (CycleOps Magneto), with speed and cadence sensors (Bontrager). I am 59 years old, reasonably fit, an avid recreational cyclist, 6’ 3" tall, 250 pounds (not all muscle). When I first started I did the FTP test and hit 285 or so. A few weeks later on a longer ride I noticed that Zwift had bumped my FTP up to 304 or so based on my performance in that ride. I knew those values were probably a bit high as my performance in the real world as recorded in Strava didn’t bear them out completely. But I didn’t worry too much about it. I recently got a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Control trainer, and my average power numbers are definitely lower, more in line with my real world performance. I haven’t done any test ride yet for FTP with the new trainer, but looking at my power curves in strava for a couple of longish rides, I am currently estimating my FTP at about 225 to 250. So I would say definitely make sure you are set up correctly as far as what resistance setting you are supposed to be using for that trainer in Zwift and the tire to roller pressure, as was pointed out already. But once you’ve verified the setup, just don’t worry about your numbers being “wrong” and don’t be hung up on trying to fix them. Zwift supports the setup you have, so they believe your numbers are fine. There is a good chance that you are just making more power than you thought you could.

Edit: Thought of one other thing. You should check that you have the correct wheel and tire size selected on the pairing screen when you put in your trainer setup. That will definitely affect your power reading.