Setting Up Unsupported Trainer

Hello all,

New to Zwift and am using a old Minoura Hypermag wheel-on trainer. It has a remote which I have set to one. I’m using a trainer tire and moved the wheel until it’s fully moving the dynamo and then giving the screw a bit of of a twist so things are in tight. I just did the short FTP and I am having to work a little too hard I think. I have a cross bike so my cassette is now geared very low. On the smallest I am doing a cadence average around 100 which is a little faster than I’d like and averaging around 350W. I think my FTP came in around 360 or something. I can briefly get up closer to 400w but that’s when I’m spinning 110 which I can’t do for too long. Definitely can’t get out of the saddle. Sooo, should I adjust the trainer to make get more resistance? Just not sure the best way to set things up. Thanks!

A FTP of 360w is exceptional. How long have you been training?

Most trainers are set at 3 or 4

See this:

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Thanks for the reply Gerrie! I double-checked and my FTP is actually 329. I’ll take it again in a few weeks when I have everything dialed in. Just started on Zwift so looking forward to playing around and doing some training to supplement the winter fat biking and cross country skiing! I’ll mess with the settings on the trainer and see if I can get some more resistance that way. Spinning that fast for that long is deadly!