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Hi All,

I started with Zwift properly at the start of the year after enjoying a trial. It was around the same time I decided that after years of offshore food and snacking at my desk I needed to reverse the trend of an ever growing stomach. So I cut down the calories and upped my Zwifting to 3-5 times a week.

Now I’m not 100% sure that all the numbers are adding up as I feel I’ve progressed in my in-game abilities faster than I’d expected so I’d appreciate if someone could quickly review and tell me if there is something I’m missing.

My trainer is an Elite Volare Mag Speed set to resistance 2 (I referenced the following when setting up: I tried it recently on level 3 but the jump was a lot higher than expected and unrealistic so

Starting in mid-Jan my avg watts were probably about 200-250 depending on the length of ride. My stamina has increased as it appears my power has. Zwift tells me I should now be using an FTP of 330.

Simultaneously I have lost some weight; down from about 95kg to 89kg currently.

My Zwiftpower link is

Have I really developed from being able to hold 2.5W/kg to approx 3.7W/kg?

Thanks in advance!!


You’re fitness will have almost certainly improved however it’s very likely your FTP of 330 is more than it really is. You won’t really know until you upgrade to a power meter or a decent Smart trainer.

I thought z power was accurate…until I got a real power meter.

My Zpower was 4 or 4.2 w/kg and immediately sank to 3.5 w/kg. (kind of a disappointing day to say the least)

Another rider I know went from 4 to 3.3 w/kg.

So, I would expect it may be off 50 watts or so.

I don’t know anything about your trainer, but some magnetic trainers flatten out, that is they stop getting harder at higher speeds.

I bought a fairly cheap used PowerTap wheel off eBay (with ant+) and it is great. For just Zwifting, not needed. For racing, a power meter becomes necessary these days.

To go from 2.5 to 3.0 would still be great. Ride on !!!

Nigel, Zee,

Thanks for the response and sense check. I have been toying with the idea of a smart trainer / power meter so this probably justifies it. I was suprised I had gone from Cat D to B in 2 months!


Hi J eff


Looking at your trainer It seem like you should be using Resistance level 3, looking at the link below Zwift use the power curve for L3. That may be the reason that your power reading is so high.–Info-Which-Elite-Classic-Trainers-Does-Zwift-Support-


@J Eff

See that for 340w you have only 16km!


Thats true - but after that ride Zwift told it had changed my FTP to 330.  Anyway the comments were enough to justify my purchase of a new trainer. My Kickr Snap arrives today (if TNT can pull their finger out) or tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll be riding more accurately from now on.

Congratulations, Let us know hoe you like it.