Unsupported Trainer - Low power?

I’ll admit, I’m fighting to get back into shape.

That being said. I have an old blackburn wind resistance trainer. I had the sensors for my bike so I figured I’d give zwift a whirl. It’s fun, but I think I may be the slowest person on the island.

I’d say my perceived effort and perceived power is higher than what I’m typically seeing. I’m averaging about 60w through most of the island and in the leaderboard it reads at about .3w/kg. 

Do I have something setup wrong?

I feel like I should be getting at least a little better efforts than I’m seeing.  Longer term, I see upgrading to a smart trainer (probably next winter) but I’m wondering if I can improve my zwift settings to better match what I think I’m doing.

so you selected the Unsupported trainer and that sound correct. when you are doing 60w are you in your highest gear (ie wheel is spinning at its highest speed)

Make sure you sensors are calibrated correctly. For example, wheel size etc. Also,  Ant+ or bluetooth receiver  is close to your sensors on your bike. One other thing could be your avatar weight is off from what it really is. 

Have you compared your sensors to your bike computer to make sure they are accurate?

Here is a great thread on classic trainer setup:https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/203968635–Setting-up-zPower-Classic-Trainer-Rollers

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Unfortunately, if your trainer isn’t on our supported trainer list, you’re not going to get accurate readings with just a speed sensor. The unlisted trainer option is an umbrella option only intended for previewing Zwift.

If you’re looking to get accurate readings, you can switch to one of our supported classic/smart trainers or add a power meter to your setup.