Low Power Numbers

I am new to Zwift but have used other online cycling platforms for years. I am familiar with what my power numbers should be in various gear combinations on my trainer from the other app I use but on Zwift it is way lower. I replaced my batteries in my speed and cadence sensor, confirmed my height and weight are correct and still not getting accurate result. I have tried ANT+ and BLU and have tried in my laptop and iPhone. I have an old Cycleops “dumb” trainer but I indicate that when I select my speed/cadence sensors. I am not sure what else to do.

Is your trainer amongst those for which Zwift has developed a (simulated) power curve? If so, have you chosen that trainer in the selection window, and put your trainer on the prescribed settings?

Also, give this a read: How To Get Started on Zwift with a Classic Trainer - Zwift Insider

I use a Cycleops Fluid2 which I select when I connected speed/cadence. I am not aware of any special setting I need to make. If they are in the app I have not found them. My tire pressure is good and trainer resistance is setup which is the extent of what I can do on that trainer.

I started on Zwift with the same trainer and found that it under reported my power by about 30%. I invested in a direct drive smart trainer, it was very much worth it.

That is about the right % off. That really sucks. I was hoping it was a setting I had wrong.