Power to weight checks

Noticed a couple of riders who appear to be able to generate and sustain over 10 w/kg according to the on screen display. Would seem reasonable to have a little bit of validation. I suspect the said individuals are putting in crazy low weights in their profiles. The pros only maintain 6-7 w/kg.

I think it might be they are using Virtual power - the calibration seems to overestimate

I think virtual power is kind of hokum. Trainer resistance specifically changes depending on how tight you turn the drum in to the trainer. When I started with TrainerRoad a season or two ago I wanted them to add a profile for the other trainer I have and they were very specific about making sure I use the same turns in for all my trial run data I sent in. Where’s the control for random people on the internet also setting their things right?

Zwift is really fun but without these calibrations the competition aspect will be quite a bit flawed.