Lower Power from Elite Realaxiom

Hi I know its not a new issue and from Ive read here there is no solution on Zwift addressing a lower watts than real value on Elite Realaxiom Wired trainer - mine is the V6.
Im new on Zwift and borrowed this trainer during Covid-19 quarentine.
Ive been using this model and also realized that Zwift give me 80 or 90W less than reality.
I also know, its not an issue during workouts but it can make impossible to folllow other cyclists in a ride or in a race.
Im wondering if in these cases, what if I change my weight to reach my real W/kg ? Would this work?

That trainer power is all over the place. It can’t be calibrated. I know I own one.

Your hest option is to use a power meter with it.

That’s really unfortunate naming then!(given its name is a combination of real and axiom)

But what do you think about the weight change “trick”?
Really cant afford for a meter now

The issue looks to be in Zwift. In the Elite trainer software, power is much more aligned with rreal one

It won’t help much in the flats or downhills it will only help going up hills.

Elite has calibration values that is stored in the elite software.

Just use the trainer as is and have fun. I used mine for two years.