RealAxiom Wired Wattage issues

I saw an old thread but would like to see if there have been any updates on this since 2017. I too have a RealAxiom and finally upgraded my PC to a 64b OS so I could ride Zwift but have run into the low wattage issues some others have mentioned. I ride similar effort on my RealAxiom App and show wattage 30+ watts higher than Zwift shows, and when I look at my rides on my outdoor bike (I have a dedicated bike for the trainer) that has a PowerMeter on it I am much closer to the RealAxiom numbers than the Zwift numbers. Basically this isn’t a big issue for workouts, but group rides become hammerfests for me even if they are social rides for others. While my FTP is close to 240 outdoors, and on my RealAxiom SW, if I try and hold 240 on Zwift I go red HR wise very quickly and die after just a couple of minutes. On my RealAxiom I can hold 300+ for over 5 minutes in my interval workouts.

Anyway, was wondering if anyone had come up with some sort of hack/fix for this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @roger_lynn

Welcome to Zwift. I am a Realaxiom usb wired owner as well. The older usb trainers did not have firmware so Elite had calibration values in the Elite Real software, but it is not possible to use those values in Zwift.

These trainers have power numbers all over the place some reading low and others high.

Last year I got a set of Powertap G3 wheels, so that I can use the trainer but have accurate power numbers.

So your option is to either use the bike with the powermeter and pair the powemeter as powersource and the trainer as controllable.

Or get another Power meter for your trainer bike.

It is a strong trainer I have over 25,500 km on my Elite Realxiom trainer.

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Thanks. I don’t think it is worth the price of a power meter for the old bike I use down in my pain cave and without more accurate numbers Zwift really isn’t a good solution for my training so I most likely won’t be using it beyond tomorrow which is the end of my trial week. Too bad because it really does look like fun but Zwift puts my trainer at a resistance that is more like my high tempo resistance, 180 - 220W when it says it is doing 120W and kills me for any workout that wants over 200W since my actual output, when compared to what I see on the trainer outside of Zwift and outdoors, which are pretty much in sync, is well over 400W. Thanks for the info and if anyone ever figures out a way to do this maybe I will come back, but for now it is back to Elite workouts and my CTS and other DVDs although some of the folks with this trainer have told me about a couple of other virtual apps to check out.

Hey Gerri,
I know this is an old post but I also bought a RealAxiom not knowing about the power issues . I was wondering if I can use the the Real Axiom controlable and a third party speed and cadence sensor for a more reliable wattage.

Thank you

No that will give you very inaccurate power.