WATTs get stuck after pairing Elite Real Tour trainer

Hi all! I tried to join Zwift to have more fun with indoor cycling, and I have an Elite Real Tour (Wheel-on trainer), that works perfectly with Real software by Elite.
When I’m starting the app on my desktop PC (Windows 10), I can pair my trainer with Zwift by an ANT+ usb device, and if I try to spinn pedals it appears that I’m producing watts. All ok until now, but when I click OK and I enter in the virtual world (regardless which one) the watt in the blue box are stuck on 0. Funny (not really) thing is that if I click OK while I’m spinning pedals, in the world the watts get stuck at that power level of that exact moment. For example I click OK while I’m on 125 watts and from there my avatar will ride all session long at 125 watts.
I don’t think it’s a connection lose because when the road is going up or downhill I can hear the trainer modifing the resistance.
I don’t know if I’m missing something in pairing process but seems I followed rightly all steps, I spent 3 days of my free trial to figure out what’s wrong and I’m still getting no points…
Thank you in advance

Do you see a option to pair it as ANT+ FE-c.

I assume you pair it as power source and controllable.

Do you know if you have the latest firmware on the trainer?

Yes I pair both power source and controllable…I don’t know about the firmware, but I can’t understand why in “paired devices” the watts are recorded and this doesn’t happen in the virtual world

I checked my firmware, and unfortunately is an old one not upgradable, I think this is likely my problem…so I have a question about trying to profit anyway of my trainer, is it possible to use it if combined with a speed sensor? in this way watts are calculated by speed and not directly from the trainer…

I don’t think so, because zwift wont know at what resistance you are riding.

I found this solution after checking another rider with my problem, isn’t it a possible solution?