Power stays constant

Zwift support will not assist me anymore. They just take my membership money and I cannot use their platform. Maybe someone here can help. I have a Realtour ANT+ trainer (not Bluetooth). I have used it with Zwift since 2015 without problems until recently. I pair my trainer on the pairing page. “power source” shows the trainer and in the corner of the icon I can see the power while pedaling. Everything is fine. The wattage changes appropriately, up and down. Also the “controllable” icon is recognizing the trainer. Then I click “OK” at the bottom and start to ride. At that point the wattage stays constant at whatever it was when I clicked the “OK”! In other words if it was at 50 when I clicked OK it stays there and the rider moves at that pace permanently. There is no change. If it was at zero the rider doesnt move. Even if I stop pedaling the wattage stays exactly the same. In other words once the ride screen is activated the software is no longer detecting the wattage changes anymore. Whats going on here?

HI Neal,

Did you update your trainer firmware recently?

Do you connect your trainer as the ANT+ FE-c profile?

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No, my trainer doesnt have the ability to do a firmware update. It isn’t ANT+FE-C compatible, its a generation earlier. Thats what Real told me. But its really weird. Its like Zwift updated their software and made my trainer incompatible over the last year sometime.