Power not matching up

Hi, I’ve recently updated zwift, I’ve updated my tacx flux firmware and calibrated using that. I’ve got an ant dongle on an extension lead. Usually when I hit a bit of training when the power should go up to say 340watts, the trainer usually matches it and I manage to keep it at that level. Yesterday I couldn’t get near the power it wanted me to put down, only going up to about 200w. Has anyone else had this problem, someone in work mentioned something similar. The zwift calibration doesn’t work.

Hi @Joseph_Bramall

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Make sure to Pair the Trainer Power and controllable as ANT+ FE-c

Yep, it was paired as that too. Zwift calibrated today but when it hits a steep hill or asks for a big wattage it feels like it’s slipping a bit, not as bad as yesterday.