Tacx Flux paired but no power showing on Zwift

My Tacx ■■■ Smart trainer is pairing with both BT or Ant+ and the pairing screen says everything is connected, but no power shows on Zwift, no matter how much or how hard I pedal. My avatar doesn’t move forward and Zwift just says 0w and ‘More power’. I’ve turned everything on and off, made sure the laptop isn’t paired at the same time as the phone, etc.

It seems like the trainer is not tranferring the output to Zwift. Has anyone had anything similar?


On the Zwift Pairing Screen unpair the trainer, click Search, select the option that says ANT+ FE-C and see if that resolves the issue.

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I’ll try that, thanks

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I’ve been trying to pair with the Ant+ since yesterday but it just doesn’t pick it up, so can’t even try that option currently. I don’t understand why, Ant signal used to come up.

Can you post a screenshot of your Zwift Pairing Screen while you are pedaling. You can also post another one when you click on Search on Power Source.

Sure, uploaded are pairing screens with BT only, Ant only and both of them.

What device are you running Zwift on? What are the specs?

I have this exact issue. How did you resolve it please? Thanks

I updated to the latest software version from the tacx utility app. The problem reoccurred and updated the software again and it’s been ok since