Watts far too high

Hi. There was a thread on this in Mar 2021 mainly affecting Tacx trainers. I have an Elite Qubo Power Fluid and the same issue comes up as when I gave up on Zwift (for this reason) in 2019.
I sail past everyone, with Watts around 300 and minimal effort.
Any recommendations other than upgrade my trainer? The trainer doesn’t show up in the Controllable section so I can’t workaround by selecting a different model.
Thanks in advance for any help!

If your bike setup is compatible, there are some great 4iiii crank power meter deals around, ~£200, which you could use outdoors and indoors.

This is not a smart trainer so it is not controllable. Are you using a speed sensor to pair to Zwift? There should be a list of trainers to choose from when you pair the speed sensor, I’m not sure if this one is on the list of trainers that Zwift is compatible with or not?

A common problem with wheel on “dumb” trainers, they aren’t very accurate. Your best bet is a inexpensive power meter like Steve mentioned, or upgrading to a smart trainer (preferably direct drive) if it is in your budget.

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There’s no way to make a “dumb” trainer controllable. I second the other commenters who suggest either a power meter (also not controllable) or a smart trainer (controllable). The power meter would only make your watts more accurate. If you already have a power meter, then the incorrect watts problem is related to the power meter, not the trainer.

Thanks for your advice guys - I thought that because it connects with Zwift via the Misuro B+ sensor, then it must be smart, and wondered if trying an ANT+ dongle might improve things without much spend.
I don’t use a separate power meter or speed sensor. I guess it’s time to invest - probably in a direct drive…

The Misuro B+ manual has some advice about calibrating the unit. See the TROUBLESHOOTING and TRAINING sections.

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If you want a great experience on Zwift then definitely spend the money on a direct drive smart trainer. You will feel the terrain changes, have accurate power readings, most have built in cadence, workouts in ERG mode, etc… much more immersive.

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Elite don’t help matters here. They call the trainer “smart” when used with Misuro B+, because it transmits power data to Zwift. But most people’s definition of a “smart” trainer is one that can be controlled by training software such as Zwift, and the Misuro B+ can’t be controlled in this way.